About us

We are a Montreal-based firm with a global perspective whose main activity is to identify and obtain clients, individuals or legal entities, who want to do business activities in Canada through the merger or the acquisition of currently profitable enterprises. Our team has years of experience and a wide network of high calibre professionals, institutions and business partners to provide solutions that serve the best interests of our clients.

The key to our success is in building long term relationships with our clients and in closely identifying with their interests – essentially becoming a part of their team. We take a long term view and offer independent, objective advice. If we do not believe that a particular transaction is in your best interest, we will tell you so rather than recommending the deal. Our greatest asset is the trust and confidence that our clients place in us.

Maple Invest's main goal is to guide all our clients to complete their business acquisitions successfully in Canada. Our strategy is to seek the best business options in order to satisfy in an integral way their needs, avoiding the political and economical adversities of their markets of origin. Our competitive advantage is our knowledge of the Canadian and Latin-American markets, which bridges the gap between the two Americas.

The Way We Work

To achieve our investment goals, we have designed a simple but powerful six-step plan:

  1. Identification of the client's profile
  2. Identification of the business' opportunities
  3. Establish business decision
  4. Legal and financial due diligence
  5. Financing strategies
  6. Acquisition contract


La misión de Maple Invest es ofrecer a sus clientes las mejores condiciones para la estructuración de fusiones y adquisiciones en Canadá, proporcionando seguridad, confiabilidad y confidencialidad a través de una atención personalizada. Nuestro enfoque está orientado al desarrollo de negocios para nuestros clientes, generando rentabilidad y siempre enfocado en las mejores prácticas.


Convertirse en líder en el negocio de asesoramiento, con la sinergia creada por la experiencia de nuestro personal, enfocados en brindar a nuestros clientes soluciones innovadoras y de calidad, siempre comprometido con los valores de nuestra organización.


  • Honestidad
  • Profesionalismo
  • Ética
  • Integridad
  • Trabajo en Equipo
  • Transparencia
  • Confidencialidad